The security post can be compact, designed for one workplace, or consist of several rooms, fenced off by a partition, for comfortable service by security guards. There is an option of a modular structure of several blocks for a large number of workers. It is just as easy to dismantle and transport to another location.

These designs come in various sizes, which vary depending on the number of workers.

These containers are a robust frame with several stiffeners and panel walls. The roof does not allow moisture to pass through. As a roof or galvanized steel.

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It is assembled by welding, the structure has a profile, insulation, etc. The metal parts are covered with anti-corrosion paint.

The guard post has a window opening on all walls, except for the one with the door. Windows are needed for careful tracking of the movement of vehicles and people. Windows can occupy as much as half of the wall or be small. At modern enterprises, booths are now erected in an elegant shape with curved window openings.

Double-glazed windows are mounted with one or two chambers. At sites of strategic importance, cabins with armored windows and doors are used.

The roof is mainly made of rolled galvanized steel, less often - corrugated board, metal. Sheets are selected with a lock, which eliminates leakage. The roof (depending on the purpose of the structure) is single-pitched, double-pitched, or flat. One more container can be placed on top of the latter.

Sandwich panels (external walls) are often used in manufacturing. They are distinguished by excellent performance, light weight, and reliable weather protection.

The interior of the container block is sheathed with plastic or MDF, board, clapboard, chipboard. The floor is mainly wooden multi-layer. The logs are laid on the channel, insulated with mineral wool.

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