Advantages of a walk-through change house

easy installation - installation in a short time;
easy movement to another place;
high strength and long service life;
various configuration options depending on the customer's needs;
savings on the construction of a stationary building;
easily integrated into modular complexes;

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Usually a turnstile and a guard table are installed at one end of the container, and an exit to the protected area at the other.
For the convenience of employees, checkpoints are equipped with bathrooms, canteens, lounges for the second shift.

  • enterprise access control

  • inspection of citizens, their property, transport

  • protection of the protected object from unauthorized access

  • organization of leisure for free shift workers

  • security guards

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Checkpoints are most often installed at the entrances to objects, roads, so that security officers control transport and citizens at the same time.
In terms of its characteristics, the modular station exceeds similar capital buildings.
Containers are used everywhere. They are mobile; if necessary, they can be quickly dismantled for transportation to another site. A block container is a profitable purchase, the premises of which will serve for many years.

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Based on the specifics of use and purpose, checkpoints are subdivided into:

  • stationary - installed separately from other structures at the facility;
  • two-story - on the second floor there are rest rooms, access to the site;
  • recessed - with a common wall with other buildings (at least one);
  • tunnel - the flow of people passes through two street doors (turnstile in the middle);
  • corridor - doors to the street are installed at an angle to each other;
  • with a bathroom - bathroom, washbasin, toilet, shower;
    with a lounge - for a non-working shift of guards;
  • with a platform for inspection - for a better check of the cargo of transport that enters the object.

Stationary checkpoints are full-fledged single-module buildings. After the delivery and installation, electricity, water supply, sewerage are connected, and the building can be used for its intended purpose.

Built-in checkpoints are installed mainly in office buildings, they help redistribute the flow of people.
The layout in them is more complicated (additional corridors, doors, rooms).

Design features

The frame of the building is made of shaped pipes, corners and channels, sheathing is a profiled sheet of metal. There are also wooden change houses. Which option to choose depends on the purpose of the point and the specifics of its use. The walls are multi-layered, preventing strong heating and cooling.
Various materials are used for interior decoration: chipboard, lining made of wood or plastic. It is important that the finish prevents excessive temperature fluctuations in the room. Often they insulate the floor, walls, ceiling (KNAUF, URSA 50-100 mm), cut in sockets and connect lighting.
The windows are plastic or wooden, the location is chosen depending on. Inside hinged windows. Outside are equipped with a grill. External doors consist of several layers of sheet metal, with a reinforced system of locks.

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