Office cabins are quite attractive, the customer can choose any color, arrangement of windows and doors. The interior is indistinguishable from a typical room in a business center. In mobile offices, you can connect all the necessary life support systems: e-mail, internet, water supply, sewerage. Finishing materials are selected by the owner. A huge plus is the ability to transport the office to any suitable place without the risk of deformation. All that is required for transportation is transport that will accommodate the structure. Often, when moving, even disassembly is not required. For installation, you do not need to carefully level the site, get special. permits in regulatory authorities, which can also be attributed to advantages, because personal savings and time that can be spent on business development are significantly saved. The offices are installed on a shallow or columnar strip foundation, which is assembled from foam blocks or bricks. But, if the movement is not planned for more than 3 years, then it can be installed on a flat concrete slab.

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Features of the office change house

They are made on the basis of a solid frame made of shaped rolled metal or timber, then sheathed with corrugated galvanized iron, clapboard, or other facing material of your choice.
The mobile office differs from ordinary building cabins with a convenient layout, modern materials (environmentally friendly chipboard, fiberboard, MDF, chipboard, PVC are used for interior decoration) and beautiful decoration, equipment, office equipment. In general, they are equipped with all the engineering communications necessary for a person's work and stay. The walls in the room are painted or covered with wallpaper. It is especially beneficial to order a change house for an office individually, in this case 100% will take into account all your wishes and the use of the premises will be as pleasant as possible. A board is laid on the floor; at the request of the client, parquet, laminate, carpet and other modern floor coverings can be used.
The number of windows and their dimensions, as well as the dimensions of the building itself, are determined by T.Z. based on customer requirements.

Removal of used office shed

For exterior finishing, we use a galvanized steel sheet C8 with a polymer coating and a wide range of colors. It is important to know that the use of KNAUF mineral wool (50mm) or expanded polystyrene for insulation greatly reduces heat transfer and helps to maintain the required level of comfort all year round. High-strength structures are designed for use in harsh climates at temperatures from –40 ° C to +55 ° C. The change houses are electrified, if desired, they can be equipped with a bathroom, toilet, water heater, furniture, grills, etc.). Easy to transport. The cost of a mobile office is several times lower in comparison with the costs of erecting or purchasing a capital building / premises.

In addition to lighting with switches and sockets, it is possible to install an air conditioner, heaters and other communications.
Anti-vandal change houses for the office are quite popular. They are distinguished by reinforced frames, armored doors with a fireproof layer, metal shutters on the windows, and other additional security features (at the discretion of the owner).

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