Change house - a universal mobile structure, quickly installed and has a wide range of applications: it can be used as a warehouse, a temporary residence for workers, a country house, an office, a security point, and even as a full-fledged dwelling.

By function, change houses are divided into block containers and summer cottages, by design - into timber / panel / frame, by materials - into metal / wooden.

Construction change houses (block containers) are used as housing and a place for recreation of builders / workers, for storing various tools and materials, foremen, headquarters. The decoration, layout and dimensions are chosen based on what the change house will be used for. For example, the construction for workers is metal, with an unassuming interior, equipped with everything necessary for living throughout the year under various climatic conditions. Has a modest appearance. Superintendent's cabins look more impressive, equipped with an iron door, anti-vandal coating. The staff carriage is a solid building of large dimensions, sometimes even of several floors, for a comfortable and well-coordinated work of the entire team.

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sell a change house for workers
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Construction Metal block containers can be used all year round due to the reliability, environmental friendliness and durability of materials. They have a reinforced layer of insulation and high-quality interior decoration, have high hydrological and thermal characteristics. They differ in a very long term of use. The only drawback that such a change house has is its high cost.

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