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Our company buys office cabins for foremen, security posts. In various form factors and condition. Evaluation is done by photo or by an appraiser on site.

  • office change houses;
  • change houses for living;
  • change houses, warehouses;
  • carriage house.

Why is it worth selling a change house to us

Photo rating

We quickly assess the condition from the photo, and give an estimate of the cost. If necessary, an appraiser will visit.

Any form of payment

We accept any form of payment, including from legal entities. Cash and non-cash payments in ruble currency.

In any condition

We accept cabins and containers in any form and condition. If necessary, we carry out repairs at our own expense.

Without confirmation

We do not require proof of ownership during paperwork to speed up the sales process for our clients.

Quick pickup

We will take out your container or change house from any place, using special equipment. You can deliver by yourself.


For the convenience of our clients, we work seven days a week from 8:00 before 22:00 daily and without interruption, call at any convenient time.

Corporation Trest has been on the Russian market since 2016. During this time, we have managed to win the trust of our regular partners and customers due to the stable supply of quality cabins and sea containers. The goal of our team is to provide the most comfortable and flexible service for renting containers and cabins. We are ready for prompt cooperation with both individuals and legal entities.
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How we are working

Step 1


You leave a request on the site. We call back.

Step 2


We calculate the cost of the change house.

Step 3


The specialist goes to the place for loading.

Step 4


If you are satisfied with the price, we make a payment.

Sell metal change house

Sell a change house for workers

At each construction site, it is necessary to have a room in which you can store tools, materials, if necessary, take shelter from the weather or organize temporary accommodation for workers. This issue can be solved by erecting a temporary building, but this option cannot be called rational. After the completion of construction, such a temporary structure will have to be demolished and all the costs associated with it will be useless.

Sell used change house

  • 6x2.5
  • 7x2.5
  • 8x2.5
  • 9x2.5
  • 10x2.5
  • 12x2.5

Find out the price of the change house

In any condition

Change houses for workers

6x2.5 7x2.5 8x2.5 9x2.5 10x2.5 12x2.5

Areas of use of household and utility block containers

According to their purpose, mobile units are used as:

  • premises for seasonal or year-round living of people;
  • sanitary and hygienic boxes with the organization of a first-aid post, bath, shower or toilet;
  • administrative premises;
  • warehouse for storing materials and tools;
  • boiler room, kitchen, food warehouse;
  • summer cottages or a garden house at a summer cottage;
  • security post and other facilities.

In any condition

Security posts

1.5x1.5 1.5x2 2x2 2x2.5 2.5x2.5 3x2.5 4x2.5

Additional options for completing the security booth, guard post

  • Any dimensions for individual projects.
  • Sheathing of walls and roofs with corrugated sheeting with polyester coating of any color.
  • REHAU window profile.
  • Window visor.
  • Outdoor lantern.
  • Additional insulation of walls, ceiling and floor - insulation 100mm

Sell guard post

Many industrial enterprises, workshops, commercial firms have their own territory, the entry to which is limited. For the organization of access control, stationary security posts or checkpoints are required. These are lightweight, mobile structures based on a metal frame. They provide comfortable working conditions for the guard or watchman, protect from wind, rain, cold. Inside the insulated structures, you can mount control panels for gates or barriers, place monitors of the video surveillance system.

Layout options

You can sell a security post of any configuration. Depending on the internal layout and design features, the structure can be used as:

  • checkpoint;
  • gatehouses;
  • premises for paid parking employees.

We buy used security posts

  • 1.5x1.5
  • 1.5x2
  • 2x2
  • 2x2.5
  • 2.5x2.5
  • 3x2.5
  • 4x2.5

Find out the price of the guard post

Sell a change house for office use

Office cabins are metal block containers from which you can build a multi-room building of the required size. The ability to install blocks on top of each other allows you to create multi-storey offices, which are not inferior to brick and concrete houses in terms of ease of use. Office cabins are equipped with heating systems that guarantee comfort at any time of the year, and bathrooms. Gas and electric stoves, microwave ovens, hoods can be installed in the cooking rooms. Hidden wiring provides the ability to connect various office equipment - computers, copiers, printers, shredders, etc.

We buy used office cabins

  • 6x2.5
  • 7x2.5
  • 8x2.5
  • 9x2.5
  • 10x2.5
  • 12x2.5

Find out the price of an office shed

In any condition

Office shed

6x2.5 7x2.5 8x2.5 9x2.5 10x2.5 12x2.5

In any condition


6x2.5 7x2.5 8x2.5 9x2.5 10x2.5 12x2.5

Find out the price of the checkpoint

Sell a checkpoint

A gatehouse is a metal temporary structure used as an office space through which employees, workers and visitors are allowed to enter the facility. It is used in industrial plants, institutions, and construction sites. Designed to perform security, surveillance, checkpoint functions. Serves as a barrier for unauthorized persons to enter the facility, therefore certain requirements are imposed on them. If you want to profitably sell a walk-through change house in St. Petersburg, then we are ready to calculate the price for you.

How checkpoints are arranged and what makes mobile structures unique

The advantages of a mobile checkpoint are obvious:

  • ease of installation - installation is carried out in a matter of hours;
  • easy movement to another place;
  • high strength and long service life;
  • equipment options in accordance with the needs of the facility;
  • saving money on the construction of a stationary checkpoint;
  • the ability to integrate into modular complexes.

We buy used checkpoints

  • 6x2.5
  • 7x2.5
  • 8x2.5
  • 9x2.5
  • 10x2.5
  • 12x2.5

The most important questions and answers to them

This service is free! All you need to do is arrange back call or call us by phone
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Sure. You will need to tell the appraiser or our phone manager about this +7 (812) 507-888-4 +7 (921) 303-7-444

It depends on the location of the object, the form of payment and the amount of property. If you choose the simplest deal, its length is 2 hours 15 minutes from a call to our company.

    Sell metal change house


    The use of ready-made cabins is advisable in cases where temporary buildings are needed for people to live and work, or when you need to quickly erect a room of the required area. Ease of assembly and disassembly, the ability to install additional equipment makes block containers irreplaceable objects of construction sites, recreation areas, etc. The lightness of the design and compactness of the factory packaging greatly simplifies the delivery of these structures to places far from city highways and railways. In addition, when using cabins, construction times are reduced by several dozen times.

    The use of ready-made block modules eliminates the need for additional interior decoration, which means that living and working in houses, offices, cafes can begin immediately after their installation on site.

    A wide range of sizes and a variety of configurations allows you to choose a block container for any premises. In addition to standard cabins, manufacturers of this type of pre-fabricated structures offer custom-made models. And, of course, one should not forget that, if necessary, the premises can be organized by installing two, three or more block modules. The presence of special stairs allows building multi-storey offices, shopping centers, canteens. The strength of the frame ensures the durability of the structure, and the presence of insulation ensures the comfort of living and working.

    Along with the above advantages, cabins have another rather important one - a relatively low cost. Together, they make it possible to quickly and inexpensively construct a building of the required area without preliminary preparation of the construction site. The use of block containers allows you to keep up with the times without wasting it on the long-term construction of houses made of concrete or brick, contributes to business development and provides buildings with the necessary mobility.