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Cash in your currency. On the territory of the Russian Federation at the place of collection of materials (containers and prefabricated structures).

After agreeing on the price and form of payment, 2 payment options are possible:
A) the seller issues an invoice for payment, the buyer pays this invoice. The seller then delivers the goods.
B) the seller brings the goods to the buyer's terminal, the buyer arrives at the terminal, transfers the money to the seller's confidant, after which the buyer picks up the goods.

We are ready to buy sea and rail containers. Sizes can be: 5 tons, 8 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet 18 feet, 20 feet, 30 feet, 40 feet, 45 feet, 53 feet. Height and width may vary. Prefabricated structures (containex) we buy only one size 6x2.5 meters

Shipping containers in any condition are new and used (even with holes)
Railway containers in any condition are new and used (even with holes)
Prefabricated structures in any condition: new and used

The buyer pays for delivery.

The buyer unloads the goods.

Cmr, sales contract (if any), quality certificate (if any), proof of ownership (if any).

The goods are evaluated as follows: preliminary based on photographs. If it is not possible to take photographs, then the seller determines the quality and class of the goods (whether the container is suitable for international sea transportation or not) and the price is set. After receiving the goods to the buyer, the buyer confirms the quality and class of the goods - collects a commission and makes a conclusion on the condition of the goods. This conclusion, together with photographs, is sent to the seller for approval.

We buy goods (sea and rail containers) in any condition: new (one way), used for transportation (cargo worthy), with holes and cracks (wind and water). We buy prefabricated structures new and used (suitable for use).

There is. Our specialists are ready to travel to any country to meet potential partners.

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