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Trust Corporation

Corporation Trest has been on the Russian market since 2016. During this time, we have managed to win the trust of our regular partners and customers due to the stable supply of high-quality cabins and sea containers. The goal of our team is to provide the most comfortable and flexible service for renting containers and cabins. We are ready for operational cooperation with both individuals and legal entities.

More about the company
We buy used in any condition

What are we buying

We can assess the condition of your container from a photo, or send a specialist.

Металлические бытовки
Metal change houses

The appraisal is made from photographs or an appraiser arrives. Any size.

Модульные здания
Modular buildings

The appraisal is made from photographs or an appraiser arrives. Any size.

Морские контейнеры
Shipping containers

The appraisal is made from photographs or an appraiser arrives. Any size.


Why they choose us

Our drivers are accredited to all ports of St. Petersburg and the region

Photo rating
We quickly assess the condition from the photo, and give an estimate of the cost. An appraiser will visit if necessary.
Form of payment
We buy cabins and containers for cash and non-cash payments, in any currency. We work with enterprises and individual entrepreneurs.
In any condition
We buy block containers and sea containers of any size and condition. We carry out dismantling if necessary.
Without confirmation
We do not require proof of ownership during paperwork to speed up the sales process for our clients.
Quick pickup
We will take out your container from two hours, if paid in cash. There is the necessary special machinery and equipment.
For the convenience of our clients, we work seven days a week from 8:00 to 22:00 daily and without interruptions, call at any convenient time.

How we are working?

get money as follows
Call or email us

You can contact us in any convenient way: a call to a landline or mobile, a call through a messenger, a letter on the website or mail

We make an assessment

We will make an assessment quickly using photographs, or we will come and discuss everything locally.

We pay

Online transfer, in cash, bank transfer with or without VAT (USN).

We set the day and time

We work on weekdays and weekends until 10 pm.

Free consultation

We are ready to answer any questions every day, by phone or leave a request and we will call you back. +7 (812) 507-88-84

Still have questions? We are ready to answer them!

We will call you back and answer
we give the best prices


This is a free service! All you need is to issue a call back or call us on your own by phones +7 (812) 507-888-4 +7 (921) 303-7-444

Yes, you can learn more about this by calling +7 (812) 507-888-4 +7 (921) 303-7-444

Sure. You will need to tell the appraiser or our manager about this by phone +7 (812) 507-888-4 +7 (921) 303-7-444

Did not find an answer to your question?

Who do we work with?

Finished construction and want to get back some of the money you spent? No problems. We will promptly redeem your cabins and containers in any condition.

Have you completed the work and you need to remove the trailers from the territory, but there is no base for their storage? We will help. We will buy your wagons and take them out immediately. Redemption of change houses is our main activity.

No need to transport cabins and containers from construction site to construction site, as it is troublesome? We are close. We will make the payment by bank transfer, sign all the papers, make mutual settlements and take away the cabins with containers. Need to take out “yesterday”? Easily. We will work on the sale and purchase system as with a private person.

Something went wrong and want to end the activity? We will help. We will buy out your modular buildings, dismantle them and take them out quickly and quickly. We will carry out the redemption of change houses as soon as possible, and pay the money on the spot.

7 days a week: 8: 00-22: 00

Our office

If you need expert advice, you can leave your contacts, and our manager will contact you shortly.

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    We will repair your container

    If you are not ready to sell your shipping container yet, we can put it in order.